Tuesday, 22 May 2012

lyn harris for marks and spencer

Some exciting news about a fantastic project we've been working on here at Miller Harris HQ... 

We're pleased to announce that Lyn Harris has created a fragrance collection exclusively for Marks and Spencer. The range of men's and women's fragrances will be launching in September, in collaboration with M&S's new beauty concept offering.

Lyn has said that “...this project is something that I passionately believe in; to deliver unique fragrances that not only smell good but have true authenticity”

More details to come soon!

Read more about the concept at Vogue's blog here


  1. Brilliant news for all of us that can not get to your lovely stores in london.
    Any thing that lyn makes will smell lovely.
    Well done to M&S for using a british company for a change.
    Hope you do well and introduce more products to the range.
    Besr wishes,

  2. Not sure it's a good thing! Depends if it's packaged as Lyn Harris for M&S or if it will have Miller Harris branding. This idea is great for the masses but exisiting stockists of Miller Harris across the country & the loyal followers of the brand might be less pleased. The reason that Miller Harris is loved by it's customers is that the Brand is exclusive & a luxury product that cannot be purchased by every Tom Dick or Harry as all those other mass produced perfumes in department store. I worry this will devalue the brand somewhat....water it down & become less appealing to the loyal fan base. Who will bother going to a boutique selling Miller Harris when they can buy a Lyn Harris creation for less in M&S??? On the up side ......it may introduce them to a brand they haven't heard of before & then move on to the hard stuff!!! Let's hope it works for everyone! X

  3. As a follower of the perfume community online and a major Miller Harris fan, my thoughts are in between the two previous respondents.
    There would be little benefit to the Miller Harris brand if its products were available at M&S stores nationwide - the brand's exclusivity would indeed be eroded.

    However, the press release explains that this is a new range of fragrances that Lyn Harris has created especially for M&S. This is, I think, an excellent idea. It brings her name and style to a wider audience and will hopefully make her as well-known as many of the dress designers who create diffusion collections. I look forward to trying them; I have no doubt they will be interesting and that I will end up buying some.

  4. As someone with champagne tastes and a water income, I think of brand erosion and think, 'meh, not my problem - for the moment.' I thank my lucky stars for ranges like this; I simply cannot pay £62 for scent. There is a market of people with good taste but diminished means! It's not a case of 'if you truly love it, you will pay for it' - if you can't, you don't. At least this educates a wider audience, that is how I look at it. Then perhaps the demand for mass produced, gourmand tosh will diminish as the odd quality perfumer flirts with the street.