Thursday, 15 December 2011

All gifts great and small...Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!

With only 10 days left until Christmas we're all getting in the festive mood at Miller Harris. Our beautiful minature Christmas trees are enough to give anyone that festive feeling. We love them!!!

Some great ideas for those last minute Christmas gifts. Our new 615g double wick candle and our mini candles are the perfect answer.

It wouldn't be Christmas without the mince pies!!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Come along and enjoy our sweet treats at Bruton Street...!

Cupcakes made with limited edition buttercream icings that change with the seasons

Some of our personal favourites...Chocolate Brownies, American Style Cupcakes and Ginger Cake.

We also have beautiful Violet flower pots available in store

Friday, 21 October 2011

Something new at Bruton Street...

Just had to share our new look in Bruton St... The tea room is so cute!! Has beautiful cakes from violet cakes who we are all mad about at Miller Harris....

And have a look at some of our new products for winter...!

Bois Votive Candle Gift Set

Feuilles de Tabac Shaving Cream

La Fumée & Fleur Oriental Incense and handmade ceramic holder 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Papier Peint

Our beautiful wallpaper looks nowhere better than on actual walls, so we were delighted to see that Le Bon Marché in Paris had used the different designs to decorate their changing rooms...

Lovely! Miller Harris is currently showcased at the LBM's SO LONDON expo, with a range of products including the wallpaper, which can also be found on our website here.

And here's how we do it here at the Bruton Street store, using one of the favourites, Triple Sea Fig in Dark Grey...

Monday, 19 September 2011

Some exciting things over in New York...

 ... where the guests at WIE Presents Ladies Night Cocktail Hour and Gala Dinner at Le Caprice were spotted with their Miller Harris bags. Rumour has it Alek Wek asked for three as she is such a fan!

Anouck Lepere

Our newest candle: vibrant Tangerine Vert...

Alek Wek

Interior / Exterior

If you're in London soon, take some time out to visit the current Pavillion at the Serpentine gallery, which is running until October 16th.

A rather dominating, dark structure by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, you slowly enter to find Dutch designer Piet Oudolf's wild garden enclosed within the central walls...

Find out more here...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A candle lit botanical garden...

Here's some snaps of our Bruton Street store, featuring the candle lit botanical garden made to celebrate Vogue's Fashion Night Out 2011 and the launch of La Pluie & La Fumée last week... we had a great time and hope everybody there enjoyed it too!

a fragrance & candle bar in the store...

free samples of the Miller Harris fragrances...

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

You are invited to the...

We all hope this September wont be bringing colder weather, shorter days and that last reminder that the summer is over. But even if it does, we’ll be far too busy celebrating on Vogue's ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ to notice! Next Thursday 8th September our flagship Bruton Street store will be transformed into a whimsical, magical candle-lit wonderland.

Last year we turned our store into a mini market in the centre of Mayfair which went down a treat with FNO attendees!

And of course, we couldn’t hold such a fabulous evening without our two star guests: the new Miller Harris fragrances La Pluie and La Fumée.

It’s sure to be a fashion frenzy of stylistas, celebrities and shoppers from Manhattan to Milan, and we can’t wait to get started at fashion’s BIGGEST party…

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lyn’s Handmade creation for Wallpaper* Magazine

A couple of months ago, Lyn was asked by Wallpaper* Magazine to create an exclusive product for their ‘Handmade’ issue – with one stipulation, it couldn’t be a fragrance.

Lyn’s natural affection for the raw and natural essences of her products made this the perfect project for her. Moving her focus from the Miller Harris fragrance collection, Lyn looked towards her olive oils and settled on a cucumber oil – something that has never been created before.

Lyn said: “Cucumber is just one of the freshest, most green notes so it seemed almost obvious to incorporate it into an olive oil. I applied the pure cucumber essence to a peppery base to really balance it out.”

The Miller Harris Cucumber Olive Oil is available to purchase here.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New additions!

We've been hinting at it for a few weeks now, so it's high time that we revealed to you our soon-to-be-released additions to the Miller Harris fragrance collection!

Introducing La Pluie and La Fumée - seen here at a press launch we recently held at our Notting Hill boutique. Don't you just love the wallpaper Lyn created especially to complement the new fragrance boxes?

These beautiful hydrangeas decorated the shop both inside and out and were perfectly selected by Lyn to match the colour of the La Pluie box...

Blue and grey bunting added some joviality to the interior too in matching hues to both La Pluie and La Fumée. Attendees included Vogue and Grazia amongst lots of other Miller Harris devotees - all eager to catch a sniff of our newest scents.

Lyn describes the new La Pluie as "an exotic rain storm with lots of white flowers and a secret rain cloud accord", whilst La Fumée is a "smokey woody swirl that surrounds you – perfectly addictive!".

La Pluie and La Fumée will be available to sample and pre-order in-store throughout August, with the new fragrances launching properly in mid-September.

Lyn's Lab Assistant, Caroline, heads home on her bike after the launch!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lyn visits her Moroccan haven

“I go to this special place just outside Marrakech owned by a wonderful Moroccan and American couple. They cook their food with ingredients fresh from the gardens – and it’s not in a tagine all the time!

Their afternoon teas with mint tea, homemade chocolate cakes and rosemary shortbread are amazing.

A beautiful tea in a truly beautiful setting

Their breakfasts too are divine with traditional pancakes served up with their own homemade honey.


They are known for their beautiful gardens filled with orange trees, rosemary as tall as the house and jasmine that catches your breath. The pomegranates are exquisite in September!

Glorious pomegranates

Orange flowers can be smelled for miles around!

This time, I visited with my sister and our two boys, aged 5 and 8. We all went on a
special walk with the owner around all of the fragrant flowers and trees. The boys
were interestingly well behaved and inspired us all with their interpretations of what they smelled! Perhaps we have two perfumers in the making – it was lovely to see.”

Fig leaves scatter the ground

‘Snowball plants’ – filled with naturally wet white flowers

The fresh grapefruits are exquisite – and have even inspired a future fragrance!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Happy Father’s Day

We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving some fabulous photos and stories for our competition over the past week. Following our draw yesterday evening, we’re thrilled to announce the winner of the Feuilles de Tabac gift box as Ethan and his very helpful dad. Here’s Ethan’s wining entry:

"I love my dad because he is my best friend and shares his snacks with me. We also do things together. Recently me and my friends went to the woods with my dad to collects sticks for a barbeque in our back garden then he made us nice burgers for lunch."

Congratulations Ethan and your lucky dad, and thank you too all who entered!

Happy Father’s Day to all the special dads out there.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A piece of the tropics in London...

The rain! Despite the sun's best efforts to shine through the clouds this week, it seems like more of the wet stuff is on its way to us soon... but we can't complain when it makes the Miller Harris garden so beautiful.

The green space at the back of our Needham Road store is a special thing indeed. Planted from bulbs and seeds just over eleven years ago, it's now a lush corner of London that feels tropical on a day like today. The location is also the site of our original store and, of course, home to Lyn's laboratory where all the fragrances are created.

A haven in the city...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In love with lavender

We adore lavender. In fact, Lyn admires it so much that she’s used the pure essence of this gorgeous purple flower in two new products: our Lavender Essence, for use around the home, and a new Lavender Soap (pictured above).

With wonderful calming and medicinal properties, lavender has a multitude of uses. Of her new Lavender essence, Lyn says: “Lavender oil is a natural antiseptic and can be used throughout the home. I use a drop in all my washing. An essential for the first aid cabinet, lavender oil works wonders on cuts and bruises and can also be applied to damp cotton wool to make a compress.”

Try a drop in your iron for incredible smelling laundry, or ensure complete relaxation with a dash in your evening bath – perfect for ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Win a Father's Day gift

Father’s Day is nearly upon us. If you haven’t thought about what gift to get your lovely dad yet, never fear! We're holding a fabulous competition, giving you the chance to win a luxurious gift that will guarantee to put a smile on his face.

For your chance to win a Feuilles de Tabac gift box, complete with 100ml fragrance and matching candle, simply email a photo of yourself with your father along with a story or anecdote about them, to

The winner will be chosen from a random prize draw at 5.30pm on on Wednesday 15th June and will be announced shortly afterwards here on the blog - just in time to send your prize by next day delivery in time for your dad's special day. Good luck!

Competition terms and conditions apply.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Little drops of heaven

For one of our newest additions to the Miller Harris collection, Lyn wanted to create something that captured the pure essence of our most revered scents. These modest little bottles hold within them the raw material of the scent on top of a natural oil base, making them perfect for a multitude of uses. Try a couple of drops in your bath, or even massage into your skin and nails for a nourishing addition to your usual perfume.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lyn’s Italian Love Affair

10 Corso Como

Earlier this month, Lyn took a trip to Milan for an interview with Italian Elle. Whenever Lyn visits Italy's fashion capital she insists on staying at the '3 Rooms' hotel in the heart of the city, describing the intimate setting as a “little haven in the middle of Milan”.

The 3 Rooms sits nestled behind 10 Corso Como – Milan's galleria-style concept store founded over two decades ago by Carla Sozzani (sister to Franca Sozzani, the current editor-in-chief at Vogue Italia). Lyn adores 10 Corso Como with its eclectic blend of fashion, art and design. Though what she loves about the store above all else is the ivy-coated courtyard that it is known for - and the springtime smells of jasmine and lemon trees that embrace every visitor.
Lyns view from her terrace

An arcade in Bologna