Friday, 27 May 2011

Little drops of heaven

For one of our newest additions to the Miller Harris collection, Lyn wanted to create something that captured the pure essence of our most revered scents. These modest little bottles hold within them the raw material of the scent on top of a natural oil base, making them perfect for a multitude of uses. Try a couple of drops in your bath, or even massage into your skin and nails for a nourishing addition to your usual perfume.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lyn’s Italian Love Affair

10 Corso Como

Earlier this month, Lyn took a trip to Milan for an interview with Italian Elle. Whenever Lyn visits Italy's fashion capital she insists on staying at the '3 Rooms' hotel in the heart of the city, describing the intimate setting as a “little haven in the middle of Milan”.

The 3 Rooms sits nestled behind 10 Corso Como – Milan's galleria-style concept store founded over two decades ago by Carla Sozzani (sister to Franca Sozzani, the current editor-in-chief at Vogue Italia). Lyn adores 10 Corso Como with its eclectic blend of fashion, art and design. Though what she loves about the store above all else is the ivy-coated courtyard that it is known for - and the springtime smells of jasmine and lemon trees that embrace every visitor.
Lyns view from her terrace

An arcade in Bologna 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sweetness and light

Our candle range has grown this week with the introduction of our beautiful Edit Collection. Comprising three heavenly natural wax designs, the collection has been created to offer an addition to every room of your home; the aromatic Bois Sauvage pillar candle, the double wicked Bois Figuier candle and a set of Bois Fum¢ dinner candles.

Lyn worked with one of the oldest candle manufacturers in the world for this collection, bringing together her perfumery expertise with the talents of the Spanish-based candlemakers.

Breakfast at Bruton Street

Our fragrant teas have been going down a storm this week with guests at our Bruton Street store. Only available until this Friday, our tea room has been brimming with visitors eager to savour some Melrose & Morgan English muffins topped with our delicious Orange Blosson Marmalade!