Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Melrose & Morgan come to Bruton Street

Lyn's favourite deli and grocer from Primrose Hill is going to be serving delicious lunches in our Bruton Street store between Tuesday 14th September and Friday 17th September.

The menu is mouth wateringly tempting and will use lots of our Olive Oils in the salads and you can wash it all down with a cup of our fragrant tea or of course a cheeky glass of Ruinart Champagne!

Do join us, but you will need to book...020 7629 7750

Fashion's Night Out with Vogue and Miller Harris

For the second fabulous Fashion's Night Out which all the Vogue magazines across the globe organise Lyn is turning our newly fantastic Bruton Street store into 'Miller's Market' for one night only.

We are planning to have fragance pick-n-mix and serve our tea and 'special punch' from a stall outside, plus inside the store we have some amazing 'stall-holders' - Clements Ribeiro will be selling custom made sweaters, Astier de Villate will have a stall full of their beautiful and unique china and home wares, uber-florist Scarlet & Violet will be selling small posies and bunches of seasonal flowers and Melrose & Morgan, a renowned grocer and deli from Primrose Hill will be selling some of their delicious jams and chutneys.

If you are in London on the evening of September 8th, do come and find us on Bruton Street and join in the fun.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Miller Harris in the London Evening Standard

This week's highlight has been a huge feature on Lyn in the Evening Standard. This is a follow on story from the previous post and our candles being given as a gift to the Obama's.

It is so exciting to see Lyn on the front cover of such a widely read newspaper, and  the article inside is utterly fantastic. To get a real insight to the creative force behind our brand it is a 'must read'.