Get to know the inspiring people at the heart of Miller Harris

Name: Kuldeep
Store: Head Office

Job: Project Manager

Age: …Twenty something!

Fragrance: I’m always changing my mind so it’s difficult to pick just one…though at the moment I’m wearing Noix de Tubéreuse. I also have Tere d’iris & La Pluie in my wardrobe.

Retail Therapy: Selfridges.

Favourite food: French.

Favourite Haunt: L’Atelier de Joel Robouchon.

Londoner knowledge: For the best (and probably strongest) cocktails in town - try The Connaught Bar and their famous Martini trolley…

Strongest scent memory: I love the smell of sun tan lotion – it reminds me of summer holidays!

Top Tip: After spraying your fragrance let it set, don’t rub it together as this changes the scent.

I : Summer! I’ve heard it’s coming?

Name: Lisa

Store: All three London Stores

Job: sales assistant

Age: 24

Fragrance: Coeur de Fleur because it is very uplifting

Retail therapy: Pop in Monmouth Street for my vintage wardrobe

Favourite food: Bread with Olive Oil and balsamic

Favourite Haunt: The Ivy with a glass of wine with friends

Londoner knowledge: Primrose bakery for the tastiest cupcakes and sweetest crockery

Strongest scent memory: Making my own perfume out of roses i stole from my garden and mixing it with water.

Top tip: spray your perfume 10 inches onto your hair so your scent travels with you for the whole day.

I ♥: cake, coffee and the theatre.

Name: Keri
Store: Head Office
Job: Creative Intern

Age: all the twos, 22.
Fragrance: Tangerine Vert - my very first Miller Harris fragrance, takes me back to the summer time
Retail Therapy: Taking a visit to the Aram store to look at all the beautifully designed chairs and spending the afternoon browsing around Covent Garden remembering that cobbles and heels are a tricky combination!
Favourite food: Pouring balsamic into olive oil and dipping in rustic bread - takes me back to my trip to Italy last Easter.        
Favourite Haunt: The Hayward gallery - the impact of the architecture and the great exhibitions that take place there, I'm excited to go to the light show next weekend.
Londoner knowledge: King William IV Pub in Hampstead - cosy place to drink and sip cocktails, with an amazing creperie van outside!
Strongest scent memory: The smell of my nans roast on a sunday afternoon...mouth watering!
Top Tip: Alternating fragrances gives a different scent experience each day
I ♥: beautiful things - it's all in the detail


Name: Stephanie

Store: Covent Garden & Mayfair

Job: Sales Assistant

Age: ....I'm in my twenties!

Fragrance: I change my mind all the time depending on my mood, but at the moment I'm loving Fumée Arabie for it's sensual warmth and depth.

Retail Therapy: Browsing for vintage homeware and furniture at places like Lassco in Vauxhall and The Old Cinema in Chiswick.  

Favourite food: Whatever the locals are eating....whilst in Morocco recently I didn't set foot in a restaurant the whole time. If you see a crowd huddled round a street food stall you know it's going to be good.          

Favourite Haunt: Angels & Gypsies restaurant in Camberwell - the best tapas in London.

Londoner knowledge: The terraces of The National Theatre - when the Southbank below is heaving in the summer they're often virtually empty and it's a great place to sunbathe and people watch.      

Strongest scent memory: Washing powder - it reminds me of sitting on the bed sorting out socks with my Mum.

Top Tip: Spray your fragrance in the air and step into the mist - it leaves a lovely delicate scent on your hair and clothes.

I ♥: Sunshine! Come on spring....

Name: Lucie

Store: Monmouth Street

Job: Sales Assistant

Age: 23

Favourite Miller Harris fragrance: La Pluie. I love wearing something so soft, balmy and tropical in cold England.

Retail Therapy: I'm obsessed with interiors, especially kitchenware. Twentytwentyone and Folklore in Islington have well sourced products.

Guilty Pleasure: Taylor Swift.

Favourite Haunt: The Barbican. Great for music, dance, theatre and coffee with friends, all in a fantastically brutal architectural setting. 

Tipple: Pear and Vanilla margaritas from La Perla in Covent Garden.

London Insider Knowledge: Walk everywhere! There's hidden streets and gardens you'd never otherwise find.

Scent Memory: Sawdust from my Dads wood work.

Top Tip: Perfume settles on pulse points in unusual places. Spray behind the ears, inner elbow and behind the knees for a lasting scent.

I ♥: Travelling.

Name: Sarah

Age: 24

Job: Sales Assistant

Favourite Miller Harris fragrance: Figue Amére for it’s unique salty edge, people always ask me what I'm wearing when I use this fragrance

Top Tip: Layer your perfume on top of your body cream to seal in the scent

Favourite Haunt: Upstairs at The Gatehouse Theatre in Highgate, it is a hidden gem for relaxed, independent theatre

Scent memory: the daffodils in bloom on St David’s day in Wales, where I grew up

Retail therapy: Maison Blanc on Muswell Hill
App: Sky News, it keeps me up to date wherever I am
Recipe: Apple Strudel, the secret is to line the pastry with sour cream
I ♥: a small glass of Fuostino rioja whilst watching my favourite film Beaches

Name:Sarah Lou
Store:Bruton street

Job:Flagship store manager

Age:A Lady never discloses her age

Favourite Miller Harris fragrance: La Fumée, for me it holds a 1930’s speakeasy glamour

Retail Therapy: vintage shopping in Height and Ashbury, San Francisco

Guilty Pleasure: my husband’s hand-made lemon drizzle cake

Favourite Haunt: The V&A

Tipple: Guinness

Celebrity Clientele: Bill Nighy, he was an absolute gentleman

London Insider Knowledge: Hilly Fields, Brockley. A hidden gem for the best views over London

Scent Memory: The smell of my Mum’s rose-scented lipstick

Top Tip: Spray the inside of your handbag with your favourite scent

I ♥:my beautiful rag doll cat Molly

Name: Nyla

Store: Bruton Street

Job: Sales Assistant

Age: 21

Fragrance: Feuilles de Tabac; I love wearing masculine fragrances, it’s very romantic

Retail Therapy: Vintage shopping in Leeds, nothing beats eccentric Northern style

App: I don’t do technology

Strongest Scent memory: Canadian washing powder

Londoner knowledge: Visit the New Diorama Theatre

Recipe: My Mum’s Lamb Curry; it always tastes better the next day

Top Tip: change up your fragrance, keep it fresh

I ♥: my fluffy ear muffs

Name: Caroline

Store: Needham Road

Job: Store Manager & Laboratory Assistant

Age: Very young

Fragrance: Fleurs de Sel; it grounds me

Retail Therapy: Other than Needham Road?! Tabio Tights..colour

Favourite food: I prefer liquid…a glass of white wine with friends

Celebrity clientele: I served someone Fleur Oriental candles that were intended as a gift for the Obama's

Londoner knowledge: Columbia Road flower market; vibrant colours and inspiring

Strongest scent memory: My Dad’s farm in Gloucestershire…hay, oil, wood shavings, leather, grass

Top Tip: Scent your scarf for cosiness in Winter

I ♥: how fragrances evoke memories and emotions.

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