Friday, 20 July 2012

the story: la fumée and la fumée arabie

At Miller Harris, we believe that the story behind a fragrance is a part of the scent itself. Inspiration is the start of the creative process, and for Lyn, it has come in many forms...

La Fumée is one of the more recent fragrances, having launched in Autumn 2011 after some time being perfected in Lyn's Notting Hill lab. A spicy, woody, smoky scent, its creation began with the burning of the cistus bush, which takes place across southern Spain in September. Lyn says: 

"La Fumée was inspired by the Spanish terrain in the late summer, with burning cistus bushes filling the air at dusk..." 

"For me, it was a moment of  pure harmony; burning wood with the empowering undertone of labdanum cistus. It was the smell of my childhood, comforting my every thought..."

Lyn's photos - the Spanish hills at dusk

"You get a sticky gum around the branches of the cistus and it smells like smoke. I thought how wonderful to catch a smoke fragrance so it wraps around you like a veil..."

"This set the theme which I then worked with Arabic spices and incense. A sweet heady note of rose gives it a chicness which I love."

Lyn's photos - the cistus bush

The finished product has opening notes of cistus absolute, cardamom from Guatemala, coriander seed and Egyptian cumin, with a smoky heart of elemi from the Philippines, incense from Yemen, Moroccan cedar and birch bark and a base of amber.

La Fumée Arabie is our newest launch, and Lyn's tribute to the middle east. It's the first in a limited edition series of fragrances based on La Fumée. 

"As a perfumer, the project was about enhancing many of the special notes found in the original, as well as incorporating the fragrant resources found in the regional cultures such as agar wood (oud)." 

"The oud oil originates in south east Asia from a fungus that attacks native evergreen trees at certain times of the year. Because of this, and because the harvesting of the wood is controlled, the oil is rare and precious."

"I wanted to celebrate the traditions of those cultures, where frankincense, myrrh and agar wood chips are burnt to cleanse the air. La Fumée Arabie is intensifying those spices and encens with vanilla, amber and Turkish rose to enhance the Arabic undertones which makes it even more addictive. The lasting effect is the smoke of the middle east..."

Lyn's photos - Dubai

What people have said about La Fumée:

"The way to wear the smell of smoky, sweet wood. Fabuously warm and aromatic" YOU magazine

"Painting a picture of a dark moody forties private men’s club, Miller Harris has triumphed with… La Fumée" Stylist

"La Fumée is an intriguing mix of incense and sensual woody notes that works equally well on a man as a woman… leaves a sensual smokiness on your skin" The Independent

"If you adore the smell of winter fires and smoky woodland, then this is the scent for you" Hello!

"You will be wanting to add to your collection immediately..." Grazia