Friday, 28 May 2010

The Classics

Our company is built on our four classics, Citron Citron, Terre de Bois, Coeur de Fleur and Fleur Oriental, a short sweep around the office thew up some of our favourites of the genre!

Now we love a stripey T-shirt here, preferably by Saint James or Amour Lux and it is no doubt already a modern classic, the i-phone, what did we do before them?

Anything can be a classic, we love these Le Parfait glass jars, and keep our office tea samples fresh in the and we use them in the Tea Room.

Ray-Bans, you just can't go wrong with these, make anyone and everyone look cool!

The ultimate watch, every girl should have a Rolex one day!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Birds and Badges

I was thinking about how many badges I seem to have collected, and then I realised how many bird badges I collect, the pigeon above is one of a collection of about 20 from the  RSPB that I have, and then I thought how many bird related things I seem to gravitate to...there is a trend going on here....


I don't think you ever can get tired of seeing new flowers in the garden, or the wonder of them returning year on year to provide a glorious backdrop to our lives.

As you can see from many of the posts on here, flowers are a big passion of ours here. On a regular basis I do a spot of  'gardening' in the pots and tubs outside our stores.

Our Bruton St shop has several large tubs, which I stuff endless plants into, somehow they all do pretty well and at this time of the year all sorts of things I'd forgotten in there are re-appearing and flowering.

In our original shop, Needham Road I have a whole garden to work with, although it does get rather over-grown sometimes! It is a lovely place to look out onto if you are in the shop, or to sit in and have a cup of tea.

Friday, 14 May 2010

It's all about the COALITION!

Since the whole country is talking about coalition partnerships, and the promises they hold it got us thinking about what great coalition fragrances we have here.

Some are surprising - sparkling Fleur du Matin, mixed up with soft citrus Tangerine Vert but then add in a sultry Noix de Tubereuse note for a bit oh la la!

Some are dreamy floral coalitions - soft Coeur de Fleur, pretty Coeur d'Ete and divinely deep Geranium Bourbon - girly heaven.

And some are no nonsense, get things done, masculine woody coalitions - big bold Feuilles de Tabac and the classic Terre de Bois, both strong, both utterly reliable.

They certainly won't raise your taxes, but they will fill your life with loveliness!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Things we love...

A short trawl around my desk and the office has turned up a rather marvellous, so we think, selection of our favourite things...

Obviously we love a nice bit of stationary, notebooks by Moleskin and Clairefontaine being the favourites, yellow pencils, luggage tags - lots of, dog-bone paper clips and bendy rulers, very handy for measuring round things!
We also love tea, it has to be made in a a brown betty, with chunky La Perruche sugar, if we are being naughty, preferably followed by a wild strawberry sweets straight out of a candy striped bag.

Lunch, well LEON is always a favourite, followed by a nice game of Bananagrams!

Moroccan Mint Tea

On our travels this month we spotted this rather wonderful man and his pink bag picking 'fraises de bois' in Morocco!

The trip has inspired us to add a Moroccan mint tea to the menu in our tea room in Bruton street from next Wednesday, 12th May. It's a traditional and delicious mixture of green tea and fresh mint, so do pop in for a refreshing and aromatic treat.