Friday, 14 May 2010

It's all about the COALITION!

Since the whole country is talking about coalition partnerships, and the promises they hold it got us thinking about what great coalition fragrances we have here.

Some are surprising - sparkling Fleur du Matin, mixed up with soft citrus Tangerine Vert but then add in a sultry Noix de Tubereuse note for a bit oh la la!

Some are dreamy floral coalitions - soft Coeur de Fleur, pretty Coeur d'Ete and divinely deep Geranium Bourbon - girly heaven.

And some are no nonsense, get things done, masculine woody coalitions - big bold Feuilles de Tabac and the classic Terre de Bois, both strong, both utterly reliable.

They certainly won't raise your taxes, but they will fill your life with loveliness!

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