Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New additions!

We've been hinting at it for a few weeks now, so it's high time that we revealed to you our soon-to-be-released additions to the Miller Harris fragrance collection!

Introducing La Pluie and La Fumée - seen here at a press launch we recently held at our Notting Hill boutique. Don't you just love the wallpaper Lyn created especially to complement the new fragrance boxes?

These beautiful hydrangeas decorated the shop both inside and out and were perfectly selected by Lyn to match the colour of the La Pluie box...

Blue and grey bunting added some joviality to the interior too in matching hues to both La Pluie and La Fumée. Attendees included Vogue and Grazia amongst lots of other Miller Harris devotees - all eager to catch a sniff of our newest scents.

Lyn describes the new La Pluie as "an exotic rain storm with lots of white flowers and a secret rain cloud accord", whilst La Fumée is a "smokey woody swirl that surrounds you – perfectly addictive!".

La Pluie and La Fumée will be available to sample and pre-order in-store throughout August, with the new fragrances launching properly in mid-September.

Lyn's Lab Assistant, Caroline, heads home on her bike after the launch!


  1. I can wait to smell L Pluie! I am currently wearing L'aire de rein but La Pluie sounds AMAZING! Any chance you are sending out any sampling to those on your mailing list as I don't live near anywhere that sells Miller Harris and I'm not up to London for a while.


  2. Love the cluster of blue hydrangeas at the store entrance!