Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Caroline’s Grasse diary

During the last week of May, Lab Assistant and Store Manager Caroline travelled to Grasse and the iconic house of Robertet to see how raw materials can be transformed into the scents we know and love.

Raw Rose de Mai

The distillation process underway

Caroline’s diary will give you an insight into the inner workings of France's fragrance town.

Monday 27th May
Visit to Musée International de la Parfumerie learning the traditional methods of material distillation. This was complimented by a of the Robertet factory highlighting modern methods of distilling Iris, Rose de Mai & Mimosa; and a visit to the school with students working to modernise fragrance classics.

Lab materials after distillation

Keep checking back for more extracts from Caroline’s diary.

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1 comment:

  1. I've bought a few fragrances from you... first: Geranium Bourbon, then Fleur due Bois, which has sadly been discontinued -- It had something in it that I've not really smelled before, and it really resonated with me; was it galbanum? .. anyway...
    I'm currently nearly through a bottle of Figue Amere, and have just bought Le Petit Grain. I have also had the woody hand body lotion!
    What i'm interested in reading about here, is the details of how each of the fragrances work: i.e. the 'notes', and how aspects of the scent are supposed to unfold over time. Also, it would be interesting to get a more detailed narrative about the flowers used in each of the scents, where they are from, how they are used etc...
    I'm not so interested in the marketing aspects of the brand, or candles and note-pads (although the b+w print drawings are very nice)
    Oh, and just wondering whether there will be any more different body lotions coming out at some point? Terre d'iris might be my choice, and perhaps Tangerine Vert?....just my penny's worth!...