Wednesday, 18 January 2012

three wise essences

Our three new natural essences are getting a lot of love this winter, so for all of you who have a bottle, we thought we'd suggest a few uses to help get the most from them...  

frankincense resin Frankincense    Medicine for Wise Men & Women
Frankincense from Somalia

Valued since ancient times for its medicinal and aromatic applications, frankincense is a clean, sweet and fresh oil. One of its most effective uses is to calm the nerves and clear the mind in stressful moments or when you just can't 'turn off'. Just add a couple of drops to a clean tissue and inhale... 

Italian lemon trees
Clean smelling and fresh, lemon oil has multiple uses. Use a few drops in the dishwasher to add freshness or when cleaning surfaces - it's a great disinfectant.

The uplifting properties of lemon are also really interesting. A couple of drops on a tissue can be really revitalising and can help bring energy after a long or hard day. 

Fields of lavender growing in Sault, France

Lavender is a classic, clean and relaxing fragrance for the home and the body. We love that it's a natural anti-biotic and has even been proved to promote healing, so add a couple of drops to damp cotton wool for cuts and bruises. In the home, dilute some in hot water to clean floors and pour down the sink to get rid of bad smells.

Its calming scent can also help with nervous tension and stress; a couple of drops inhaled from a tissue is a great influence if you're feeling run down. Anxiety, sleep and bunged-up feelings from a cold can all be aided in this way. Try a few drops in a hot bath for a bit of theraputic soothing...

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