Friday, 23 April 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

This has been a funny old week in London, with clear blue skies, sunshine and not a plane in the sky - all rather mad considering there is a huge a volcano that has caused this tranquil state of affairs!
The planes are back, and normal service is almost resumed.

So off to Heathrow!
We have been selling our Classic fragrances and candles in Terminal 5 and 4 since the middle of last year, and launched in Terminal 1 this week. We are in this amazing area called 'cocoon' which has lots of lovely body products in and a huge table where you can get a hand massage. In the middle of all the noise of the terminal this is a wonderful oasis.
Do pop in for a hand massage with Citron Citron lotion if you are on route to somewhere glamorous.


  1. Hi there,

    I recently read your about your amazing acheivements in the Financial Times, you are great inspiration to young female Entrepreneurs! Please sell your lovely products in Dublin!

    Olivia Blacque
    Dublin 8

  2. Hi Olivia,

    Thanks for your comment, we are hoping to sell our products in Dublin by the end of the year, do let us know if there are any stores you think we ought to be in?

    MH x