Wednesday, 31 March 2010


We have a bit of a thing about geraniums, or pelargoniums if we're being correct, here especially the bold scarlet red type and rather wispy wild varieties. It's the heady, wet grassy smell that they fill the air with that brings back so many familiar memories of hot summers.

One of our favourite designers, John Derian based in New York, sells beautiful decoupage paper weights and plates, often with old botanical prints of flowers, including geraniums. Anyone listening, these are definitely on our wish list..!

We launched our Geranium Bourbon fragrance back in 2005 into our Nouvelle Edition collection, it was so popular, and we also felt that it would be a missed opportunity not to plaster the shelves with bright geranium red, we added it to our Ligne de Parfum range so we could sell it far and wide. This Spring we launched a candle in this fragrance, which is beyond lovely, filling your home with a grassy, peppery, heady geranium scent. Light it somewhere special, sit back and enjoy!

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